Ivo Oliva Bogdanovic is a Chilean film + commercial director.

REEL 2014


Legado (Legacy) is a short film inspired by the vision of a grandfather of the present world. He is an old man who does not understand the technological world we live in today; notes the lack of communication in a world that boasts of being informed of the functionality of human relationships and the loss of the true meaning of life, the treasure of happiness.

He wonders about the traditions, the games where children interacted with all their senses, their laughter and their naivety.

Don Luca (96 years old) is Ivo’s Nonno, and the real protagonist of this story. He plays the role of a ‘organillero,’ who lives immersed in a world of illusion, magic and memories, which generously offers to wanna-be heir to this legacy of simplicity and love.

Legado 00

Legado 01

Legado 02

Legado 03

Legado 04

Legado 06

Legado 07

Legado 08

Legado 09

Legado 10

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